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I’m John Lalor. I am an Assistant Professor at the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the College of Information and Computer Science. At UMass I was a member of the Bio-NLP group, working with Dr. Hong Yu. My research interests are in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. I am particularly interested in model evaluation, quantifying uncertainty, and biomedical informatics.

Prior to UMass, I worked as a software developer at Eze Software in Chicago and as an IT Audit Associate for KPMG. I received my Master’s Degree in Computer Science at DePaul University, where I worked on projects in Computer Science Education and Recommender Systems.

Recent Updates

  • January 2023: Evaluating the Efficacy of NoteAid on EHR Note Comprehension among US Veterans through Amazon Mechanical Turk accepted at the International Journal of Medical Informatics.
  • January 2023: Business Analytics in Healthcare: Past, Present, and Future Trends accepted at Manufacturing and Service Operations Management.
  • September 2022: py-irt: A Scalable Item Response Theory Library for Python accepted at the INFORMS Journal on Computing.
  • April 2022: Benchmarking Intersectional Biases in NLP accepted to NAACL 2022.